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Flooring is one of the key aspects to achieving an aesthetically pleasing home or business. Besides altering the area’s appearance, the right flooring can create a warm, cozy ambiance, subconsciously boosting your mood and happiness.

If you are looking to upgrade your floors, look no further! Revest is a trusted hardwood flooring installation service you can count on for your home improvement needs. We have a solid track record serving clients in Richmond, VA, and areas within a 200km radius of that city. 

What Is Hardwood Flooring?

Made of solid wood planks, hardwood flooring is a popular choice for flooring material due to its unmatched natural beauty, durability, and its ease of blending in with any decor. 

It comes from readily available hardwood species, including oak, maple, pine, etc. Installation involves nailing or stapling solid wood planks to the subfloor. 

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring Installation Service

An increasing number of people are choosing to install hardwood flooring due to its many benefits over other flooring materials. Some of the most prominent ones include:

• High-Quality Look

Hardwood flooring enhances the overall appearance of your space by effortlessly offering a sense of warmth, elegance, and character. Hardwood also induces feelings of spaciousness in the area it is installed.

• Increases Property Value

Thought to be a premium upgrade, hardwood flooring is a significant plus point when selling a property, as it raises its resale value. Many buyers and agents alike prefer properties with hardwood floors over those with carpets, especially due to the aesthetic appeal and ease of maintenance. 

• Easy to Clean

Lastly, hardwood flooring requires minimal maintenance and care. Cleaning it is a breeze, and regular sweeping and a weekly vacuum to get rid of dust and other elements will suffice to keep the floor in top-notch condition.


Installing hardwood flooring is a big project, requiring immense expertise and an eye for detail at each step. That is why choosing a reliable, trustworthy hardwood flooring installation service provider must be your top priority before taking the leap.

Our certified installers have extensive training and experience installing tiles for homeowners and property commercial property owners. If you wish to amp up your interior and property value, give us a call to schedule your on-site visit and receive a free quote!

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