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Large-Format Porcelain Wall Tiles or Panels - What Are They and What Are Their Benefits?


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If you’re redoing your bathroom or kitchen, you might be thinking about tile. It’s easy to clean and prevents damage in your bathroom while still looking fresh and modern. However, you might be overwhelmed with the number of choices in tiles. What are large-format tiles, and why are they better?

What are Large-Format Porcelain Wall Panels?

Large-format porcelain tiles are simply tiles that are bigger than the largest average size of tile, which is one foot by one foot across. These larger tiles can be anywhere from two feet long to four feet. Essentially, any tile that has a side longer than 15 inches is considered a large format tile. 

Here are a few of the benefits of large format tiles in your home. 

Easier to Clean

Tiles are easy to clean in general, but the larger they are, the less maintenance they need. Because the grout between each tile needs cleaning as well, users appreciate having fewer tiles and less grout to clean. 

The larger tiles are also easier to maintain because they have fewer joints and corner places. This means fewer opportunities for mold or mildew to accumulate between cleanings. 

Greater Versatility

While regular-sized tiles will give you a remarkable amount of versatility in design, they will still be smaller tiles. You can choose colors and shapes, but it won’t look like anything other than a tiled wall or floor. 

With large format tiles, however, you can aim for wood plank look-alikes, granite slabs, or even larger tiles that look like uninterrupted walls. Whatever your style of bathroom is, you can achieve that look with large format tiles. 

Final Thoughts

Large format porcelain tiles are becoming increasingly popular for their ease of maintenance, versatility, and simple elegance. If you’re looking into an alternative to traditional tile for your bathroom or kitchen, consider using large-format tiles or panels. 

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