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Linear Drains - What Are They and What Are Their Benefits


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Bathroom drains have evolved significantly over the past two decades, with linear drains becoming a common installation. Though linear drains are nothing new in the commercial sector, they were not as common in residential constructions.

Today, there’s increasing demand for linear drains for residential construction projects. Particularly, they’re preferred for contemporary, space-saving designs and seniors who want to make their homes more accommodating to stay in as they age.

What Are Linear Drains?

Linear drains, like their conventional round and square counterparts, are meant to collect water from the base of your shower without letting any spill out onto the bathroom floor. They’re rectangular in design and can be placed either at the shower’s edge or flush against the wall.

However, like any other drain, the shower floor should slope towards the drain for water from the shower.

What Are The Benefits of Linear Drains?

Here are the benefits of linear drain installation.

Perfect Design

Design is one of the primary advantages of choosing a linear shower drain. A linear drain is an essential element of any high-end bathroom design. It’s less noticeable because of how well it matches the flooring.

Improved Safety

Also, during linear drain installation, only one direction of floor slope is necessary, as opposed to the four directions required by conventional shower drains. This decreases the floor’s unevenness, decreasing the risk of tripping. As a result, standing on the bathroom floor becomes more relaxing for you.

Easy To Clean

Furthermore, linear drains are easier to clean. Unlike conventional shower drains, they have basket strainers that collect debris. Simply use water and soap mixture to clean the drains when necessary.

Are you contemplating a bathroom makeover and want an improved, contemporary look? If so, you should get a linear or Infinity drain. It offers numerous benefits over traditional shower drains, including easy installation and maintenance, enhanced aesthetics, and improved safety.

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