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Flooring Residential Work

The gallery of residential tile installation services below is a small sample of the projects that Revest Construction has completed for residents in the state of Virginia, neighboring states and Washington, DC.

Check out some of the kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, patios and other areas our trained installers have transformed with their professional, high-quality installation of tile and other flooring materials.

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Walls, Residential Backsplash

Residential job done by coating a backsplash with a type of ceramic that has a mixture of three types of material: glass, marble and metal.

Walls, Residential Backsplash

Imposing backsplash with glass inserts around every window and the kitchen hood delicate and very precise work.

Floor and Walls, Bathroom

A Master shower install using 3” by 6” subway tile with the niche set on the back wall, following up with a mosaic tile installed on the inside and outside shower floor.

Walls, Residential Backsplash

On one of the walls a “Brass Marble Calacatta” Tile was installed leaving a nice contrast on the cabinets. On the other wall we utilized a white 12” x 2.5” tile with rough edges along with a light grey grout to match the cabinets.

Floor and Walls, Bathroom

Residential bathroom preparation of floor leveling and preparation with the schluter waterproofing system and installation of floor tiles and walls.

Fireplace and Walls, Commonwealth Apts

For the Commonwealth Apartments located in Chester, we used 12” by 24” porcelain tiles and for this beautiful fireplace.

Steam Shower, Bathroom

Waterproofing work in the bathroom to retain steam inside the shower. We used ditra heat in the bathroom to provide more comfort for our client.

Shower Remodel, Bathroom

This shower remodel in Hanover was completed by our Revest team using the Schluter waterproofing system.

Shower Installation, Bathroom

Century-old home master shower installation with a vintage marble look. All of the framing was redone and the subfloor was leveled. Waterproofing and heating system done using the first-class Schluter System.

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